Friday, 7 January 2011

Kia ora from destination number 2… the outback!

On the 5th January I hopped onto a 10 seated plane (always good fun when it's windy!!) to come to Hawkes bay in time for my cousin’s wedding.The wedding was lovely; it was outside in a vineyard which was a stunning location! Luckily I had managed to sun bathe off my tan lines on the beach in time for the wedding! It was weird seeing all the family again after 5 years, perfected the art of small talk!

I am now living in the middle of nowhere on a farm, I can ride for 3 hours and see about 3 houses! I am staying with some friends of my Uncle’s, she’s Irish and he is an ex rugby pro, they have a really cute baby called Patrick. They have gone away for the weekend, so I am all alone with no transport (apart from my bike which I have never considered a form of transport before) and no signal! Their nearest neighbour is a crazy old woman that trapped their cat in a possum trap, put it in a plastic bag and dumped it on their door step with a pansy on top! There are also some dodgy gangs in the local area, one notorious gang called the mongrel mob which Ross Kemp investigated :s - so this should be character building! ( I am here for another week as I am competing in the Hub women’s tour! It has been mega hot, even by my standards! I have had melted tar on the bottom of my cycling shoes!
(Photo of Te mata peak which I climbed whilst training this morning)

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