Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Life of Riley!!

I thought it was about time for another blog update, I don’t want to disappoint all my avid readers!! Probably worth a mention that as I write this I am basking in the 30+ degree heat by the side of the pool lapping up the heat that I have become accustomed to (not that I want to provoke any feelings of jealousy or anything!). With half my training done for the day I can afford a couple of hours topping up my tan- good recovery and all that… I fully intend to come back the colour of a Maori! Thanks to the combo of lemon juice, UV rays and chlorine I have got my blonde highlights back for free!

Since my last update I have spent time training and living in Nelson preparing for my next block of racing in the north island. Busy doing lots of miles as well as threshold and gym work, with a bit of club racing thrown in to work on the technical and tactical awareness I lack! It can be a bit dodgy though, the equivalent of hurtling along the A34 in a big bunch with unmarshalled traffic… would so not be legal in the UK!  Coming up I have the Bev Mays Women’s tour in Morrinsville, then the UCI Tour of Wellington. My plans in between those races are a bit up in the air, the kiwi laid back attitude is rubbing off on me as I don’t feel the slightest sense of urgency when it comes to getting organised! I will be sad to leave Nelson again, as it’s such a cool place and the Lush’s have really made me feel at home. Coincidentally Nelson is where my parents have grand plans to retire to in the (not so distant) future haha.

As I said I am getting quite into the laidback/ down to earth approach over here, it’s the norm to just rock up to your neighbour’s pool and help yourself when you hear on the grapevine they are going away for the weekend! Aside from the training, it’s a pretty easy lifestyle being a fulltime athlete- eat, sleep, train, eat, tan, train, eat, sleep, repeat! I’m sure my family won’t appreciate reading this but I am not really homesick; however thoroughly enjoying the Grant family news emails enlightening on riveting matters such as how many eggs the chickens have laid, where Bertie has been for walks and how many batches of brownies they have baked!

Anyway ciao for now, a dip in the pool to cool calls! Wrap up warm- I do hope it’s not too cold back home!

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