Tuesday, 13 September 2011

News from the US and A!!

Greetings from the land of the obese! I am currently basking in the North Carolina heat, typing this in the sun is proving to be a bit tricky, it’s like trying to find the snitch with my cursor! So sorry to hear the weather is gross back home and a stage of the tour of Britain even had to be cancelled as a result (what a joke). Well lucky for me there is no sign of ‘fall’ here, I am lapping up all the sun I can get.

I have been here for nearly 3 weeks now racing with Colavita pro women’s team. It’s been great, they are such a friendly bunch and I have learned so much from racing alongside the number 1 team out here in the States. I have done 5 crits so far, the Chris Thater Memorial in Binghampton NY and the Gateway Cup in St Louis (a 4 day race). I was quite apprehensive at the prospect of coming over here and trying to impress by just riding crits. After all, my technical prowess leaves a lot to be desired for. But I am getting better, and the crits aren’t too crazy; 4 lefties over about a mile and nice wide roads usually! I have learned so much about team tactics, the team put a lot of their success down to the fact that they are 100% committed to working for each other. It is a really nice environment to be in where at the end of the day they don’t mind who from the team wins. Everyone plays their part within the team and does a great jabbbbbbb (I am trying not to pick up on this American lingo!!)

The team won the Chris Thater Memorial. I didn’t feel like I was able to do much to contribute to that victory still being on UK time. We also won ¾ races in St Louis, I managed to bag a podium spot too! No booze for me on the podium though being under age over here! The atmosphere at the races is awesome (said in an American accent); street party’s all over the place. It was seriously hot though, like racing in a sauna  with a breeze like some one blowing a hair dryer on you!The prize money makes a mockery of Europe. The final race in Boston I am doing with the team has $40,000 at stake! Primes over here are worth the exertion at around $500, you aren’t busting a gut for a pair of socks or a £10 voucher like back in the UK. I would really love to race the 2012 season over here, but we shall see.

I helped play my part in improving the state of America’s economy yesterday by going a bit crazy spending prize money in a shopping mall. I am going to have to get another bag to bring back all my new stash. I am currently in Asheville, kindly being put up by Rachel and Adrian from Colavita. Asheville is a very cool hippy town. Randomly found out a friend of mine from my tennis/ athletics days who I hadn’t seen for 6 years is studying at Asheville Uni, so it was cool to catch up with her. Training around here is great, awesome scenery and lots of mountains; with bears and beavers just casually lurking on the roads.

One downfall of being a brit abroad is the mozzys. They love my blood; I look like I have some kind of tropical disease! They have run out of places to bite me so are biting me on top of existing bites. So so itchy aghh!! I get home on the 28th September, missing a chunk of freshers week! Luckily I will be back in time for the toga party… trying to make myself more excited about the prospect of uni! Although I am looking forward to staying put for more than a few weeks and not living out of a suitcase!

Ciao for now xx

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  1. After how strongly you rode this evening (Tuesday night River Ride), I was interested to see how your racing was going. Good luck with your future seasons and in college! If you ever need any good climbing in the future just find your way back to Asheville.