Monday, 15 February 2016

Kiwi summer

My time in the sothern hemi is coming to an end. My brain is a bit fogged up from training hard so here is a picture blog! 

Loading up on kiwi flat whites before the land of starbucks!

Visiting the team behind the awesome blackcurrants

Pre training sujon brekkie bowl

Banter with the little bro

Fun training with Emily a now hard out triathlete!

XM with the lovely Lush's my adopted kiwi fam. I'm so grateful for their support, making Nelson the perfect base for my training this offseason!

Too beaut to nap on domestic flights in NZ 

The road to Glenorchy top 3 of fave rides ever

Tramping the Routeburn

Very jammy digs in Queenstown


Jo K showing me the 'lanes' in chch!
Good to notch up a couple of local wins
Thanks tasman wheelers for putting on great events!

Deck life in Nelson ;)

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