Monday, 1 November 2010

Funding my year

I am jostling part time work as a nanny in Henley with full on winter training at the mo. Nannying 3 boys, Noah, Fergus and Hector is proving to be quite a challenge and has made me really feel for what teenage mums have to deal with! The other day, I left them for 2 mins to run a bath, came back and Hector had bitten Fergus and left a bite mark in his shin and Noah had dropped a torch down the loo and blocked it- crazy times but I am enjoying it!

Anyway my latest entrepreneurial thing is my pudding and cake business.   This is equally as challenging as looking after the troublesome 3, because I am being super disciplined about my diet so not being able to sample any puds is a slight downfall! I am currently dropping my fliers through all the big houses in the local area, in a bid to find all those yummy mummys that can't cook and would like to pass my puds off as their own! But I am relying on my brothers who will quite happily tell me its gross. This is all in an attempt to try and fund as much of my year as possible as I have not been able to get my hands on sufficient funding or sponsorship, and my guestimation at what my year will cost is quite a shocker!   

Will write soon when my gap year starts to kick off properly!



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