Sunday, 14 November 2010


I am starting to get pretty excited about going out to NZ for 4 months on boxing day. Originally I was planning on going out earlier but I decided I should stay and soak up this crappy weather as I think winter training is a valuable character building exercise, and I don't want to get too soft training in the sun in NZ!! It's been weird being at home with everyone at uni because I literally decided on results day that I was going to defer, so I could so easily have been at Bath now!

Anyway these are the main races I am focusing on out there:
1-4/1 Tour de Vineyards, Nelson
14-16/1 Hub Tour, Hawkes Bay (which incidentally coincides with my cousin's wedding in Hawkes bay which is handy!)
12-14/2 Bev Mays Tour, Morrinsville
23-27/2 UCI Tour of NZ, Wellington

I am hoping to ride for team cyclosport for some of those races. They are the strongest team out there so it should be good! What I don't completely appreciate is how massive NZ is so I am going to be flying around the island on tiny little planes in order to get to all these races! Hoping to find some good form out there, but my coach keeps reminding me that the main reason for racing (during the domestic off season) is for experience as I am still so new to the sport and learning all the time.

Training is going well, have just finished a 5 week block of training- I now have 5 days of recovery which I am looking forward to/ need! Hopefully catch up with some friends and lead a normal life... for a bit!

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