Sunday, 12 December 2010

Turbo's, tantrums and turkey stir fry!!

Am getting very excited because 2 weeks today I will be popping across to NZ for nearly 4 months! Frantically trying to get organised though! This is my very last week of looking after Fergus, Hector and Noah, I will actually be sad to put my career as a nanny on hold (and not come back to...)! I am going to really miss picking fruit flakes and custard creams off my car seats! I have so many stories to tell from my day to day encounters! Last week was epic to say the least, I was in a very helpful mood and noticed Debs (their mother) had washing sitting in what I assumed was the tumble dryer (as it was dry) so I ironed and folded it neatly, slightly perplexed as to why there was the odd food stain.... nevertheless I soldiered on without even considering the fact that I might have just wasted an hour ironing her dirty washing! Anyway the next day it was all back in the washing machine (which I had mistaken for a tumble dryer!)- Not my brightest hour!! I also managed to lose Fergus… I waited for his bus but he hadn’t got on and the school had reported him missing, anyway after traipsing into Reading I found a rather tearful Fergus who had been severely told off by the headmaster! My personal fave has to be waiting for the school bus which was 1.5 hours late with the lights on (because the previous week this stupid woman in her Henley style 4x4 reversed into my car and blamed it on me for not having my lights on) anyway when the bus finally comes the car decides not to start. The bus driver tried to jump start it but in the end we had to wait for the AA to come, whilst the 3 boys went crazy on a sugar high as a result of eating 500g of custard creams! I have also managed to perfect my blackmailing skills: ‘if you don’t get into the bath now I am cooking risotto for tea tomorrow’ (a meal they spat out in the sink!) So I won’t have to put up with anymore tantrums from now onwards!

Training is going well, so relieved to be back out on the road after the recent spell of ice. Lots of turboing to make up for it, but luckily no repeat of the 4 hour turbo sessions I treated myself to last year! I am also benefitting from using the EIS facility at Bisham Abbey, so getting in some good strength and conditioning sessions there. Rikki from AW Cycles is currently building me a Cervelo TT bike which is looking awesome. I owe AW Cycles so much for all their help this season, would not have coped without their help… my mechanical prowess leaves a lot to be desired for!! I am sure they are looking forward to me disappearing to the other side of the world, 4 months off replacing my chains, brake blocks and bar tape! Have just invested in a powertap (which I bought with my pudding money- the most expensive thing I have ever purchased, I could have bought a car for the same price!) so looking forward to getting stuck into training with watts!

Turkey stir fry… has been like my staple diet for the last 3 months, as well as blueberry porridge and quinoa salad! I have managed to develop a wheat intolerance by cutting wheat completely out of my diet… which should be interesting, will just have to ‘melon load’ again like I did in the Ardeche! Really looking forward to catching up with everyone now they are back from uni, can’t say I have had the most sociable of 3 months!!

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