Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A weekend of crits!

After just over a week back in Asheville Courteney and I packed our trusty Thule’s for a weekend of racing in Maryland. We flew via Florida which was completely in the wrong direction, but I guess it helped add to the sky miles I have accumulated this season!  We met Anna and our very appropriate bright orange minivan rental for the trip in Baltimore. With the rest of the team racing over in Canada, we had to manage without our DS and mechanic! We stayed with John Kelly of ‘Kelly Benefit Strategies’ our very generous team sponsor in their guest house.  We even got to watch a game of men’s lacrosse which was pretty cool and took me back to my roots! The first criterium was the Wilmington GP, part of the NCC.  With our strong sprinters racing in Gatineau we knew that we had to race aggressively if we were going to win this. Unfortunately getting away proved to be a tall order, we were highly marked throughout the race.  I finished 6th; not the result we were hoping for at all. We were keen to make up for it the following day. On the Sunday we raced the BikeJam/Kelly Cup. We made it aggressive from the start, attacking right from the off, and countering each other’s moves.  I got away with Debbie Milne and we established a sizeable gap. Courteney bridged across on Lyndsay Bayer’s wheel. With 2 of us in the break the race was panning out well for us.  However we managed the finish didn’t quite go to plan and we finished 2nd and 3rd to Lyndsay who got the jump on us and timed the move very well. (Here is a link to a video of the finish

Pre race breakfast (well actually lunch): Oatmeal and berries topped with greek yoghurt, kiwi fruit, chia seeds, walnuts and SUJON blackcurrant powder!

After the race we got to chill in the Kelly Benefit Stategies VIP tent and were treated to a yummy bbq lunch.  After a lovely 4.30am start on the Monday we flew back to Asheville. I have a short break from racing now until the Air Force Classic next month. Next for me is the Tour de Cure charity ride in Minneapolis where I will be representing our team and sponsors. In less than 3 weeks time I will be back in sunny England for a couple of weeks. 

Ciao for now!

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