Sunday, 10 June 2012

Tour de Cure

Last week I jumped on a plane to Minneapolis to represent our sponsors on the Tour de Cure century ride for diabetes. We boarded the tiny plane from Asheville only moments later to be asked to de-plane as the plane had hit a bird! Once back on the plane they had to ask this beefy man to move to the back of the plane to help redistribute the weight on the small aircraft!!
The following day Colton and I headed to the Kare TV studio in Minneapolis to be interviewed about our charity ride the following day. You can LOL at it here…  

Later on I got to check out the Mall of America. It is insane; it has a theme park in the middle. So big it made the IKEA opposite look pathetic. My mum would have to take a very deep breath before entering she gets stressed walking around John Lewis! 

The following day I rode 100 miles before 11.30am, the earliest I think I have ever been on my bike! I started off with Chris Carmichael (Lance Armstrong’s coach) which was cool; he was really interesting to chat to. There were also previous winners from the Biggest Loser show riding. The bulk of the charity ride was on bike paths which made it a little sketchy with so many riders and quite tedious after 5 hours of over taking other riders and dodging dog walkers.

The next day I enjoyed a 3am start to catch my flight back to Asheville, one of the many perks of being a pro cyclist! For now I have 5 days or so of training here in North Carolina before I am off to Washington DC for the Air Force Classic with the team.

Chilling at Lake Lure NC with my team mate Anna


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