Sunday, 20 October 2013


I am not a huge fan of this time of year. Its dark and mis and the annual back in the gym DOMS is back ever present and crippling. Every autumn I find myself bombarded with decisions. You can't help but feel at a bit of a loose end. Needless to say there is lots to look forward to!

My season concluded with the Westminster GP, a criterium run in conjunction with the men's Tour of Britain. It was a cool event and a means of show casing the domestic scene in light of the Women's tour next year. Fun to have lots of friends and fam in the crowd. I was psyched to end my season on a high. However a few laps into the race I hit a crack in the road hard and my saddle slipped to a 45 degree tilt. That made for a uncomfortable race in the saddle with no laps out permitted. I had several big digs but couldn't get the power out. Kudos to Hannah Barnes for topping out an incredible season.

I used to have a good poker face!

I was so ready for the season to end, to recharge my batteries and motivation. A spontaneous week sailing around the Greek islands did just that (and redefined the meaning of holidays).

Bday adventure on 4 wheels!

Can't take the credit for this shot... island strays

Laughing at the boat rock around in the storm. Some of us chickened out sea sick and got a hotel!

Athens culturing!

Athens culturing... post mugging. I had my phone snatched from my hand, somehow I snatched it back and punched the greek pikey.

The calm before the storm

As for now I am back training for the 2014 season.  What lies ahead for me next season is yet to be decided but hopefully State side. I am also finishing up my 3rd year at Uni. This year however I am commuting by train from home. Bit of a mish but it has its perks.  I am lapping up some home comforts and saving some £$£ instead of putting money down the drain for an empty flat again. I will also be jetting of to my fatherland downunder for the bulk of the winter. I can't wait. My grandma circulation means I don't do winter I much prefer back to back summers! I am in the process of making use of my dual nationality and pestering the UCI for a nationality switch but it is very early days.

Can't wait to get out there

....and hang out with this muppet too
Finally a big shout out to Matrix Fitness Racing Academy. I am so grateful for the support, awesome sponsors and fun times on the road. I'll miss you guys!

Last but not least to the Dave Rayner fund for supporting my racing campaign over the pond. If you haven't already go and get your tickets to the annual fundraiser

Thanks for reading! Happy pedalling, be safe out there xo

Leaving you with some winter motivation :)

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