Monday, 27 January 2014

Short and sweet

Its been a while since I last blogged (one handed after decking it on my second day in NZ). Rather a lot has come about in that time! 

I am currently in sunny Nelson at the top of the south island if you want to get your bearings! It is probably my favourite place in the world. I feel like I am on a retreat! I have been staying with our awesome family friends the Lush's. Whilst I have been here they have effectively provided a bed and breakfast service for other cycling friends of mine to come and go, train and eat them out of house and home! They are the best hosts I feel so at home it is going to be hard leaving come Thursday, but there is a lot to look forward to ahead.

Item number 2... I leave for sunny San Fran in 3 days for some American dream livin'! In case you missed it I have signed with Team TIBCO a UCI based team from the Silicon Valley (aka google and facebook land). I can't wait for team camp in another grim part of the world- Santa Barbara, California! I leave at 7.30pm on the 29th and arrive at 10.30am on the 29th, pretty much a harry potter time turner kind of day! 
Check us out here and follow our movements here and here too

It's getting late so I'll leave you with some pics instead of boring you with any more ramble. Ciao for now xox

Obese berry season!
A shout out to Courteney Lowe having artery surgery tomorrow- come July she will be stronger than ever!

Property hunting for my parents on my recovery ride!
You know you are at home when you can comfortably reorganise and labelise their pantry...

Christchurch container shops- pretty cool makeshift shopping mall

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